November 17, 2018

Covers & tributes

Quite many artists have covered Nick Drake's songs over the years, but most of them were recorded after his death. Only five artists covered Nick's songs while he was still alive.
The first one to do so was actually Elton John. Joe Boyd wanted an album with Warlock Music songs and in July 1970 Elton and a couple of other musicians went in to a studio and recorded about a dozen songs of which four were Nick's. Time Has Told Me, Way To Blue, Day Is Done and Saturday Sun were recorded. They were pressed on one hundred white labeled acetates, and today only seven of those are known to exist. But the recordings can be found on various bootlegs, and some of them are shown above.

A couple of tribute albums have been made as well, and they follow here. Below them there is a list of artists who have made covers of Nick Drake songs on their albums, but it's probably not complete.
Various Artists - Brittle Days, 1992
The Changelings - River Man, The High Llamas - At The Chime Of A City Clock, Loop - Pink Moon, No Man - Road, The Walkabouts - 'Cello Song, Shellyan Orphan - Joey, Scott Appel - From The Morning, The Times - Fruit Tree, Martyn Bates - Know, The Swinging Swine - Voice From The Mountain,Nikki Sudden & The French Revolution - Time Has Told Me, Tracy Santa - Fly, Clive Gregson - Northern Sky, Scott Appel - Hazey Jane I, Stevie R Moore - River Man.
Various Artists - Five Leaves Theft, 1998
Circo Fantasma - Time Has Told Me, L'Upo - River Man, Laghisecchi & Amerigo Verardi - Three Hours, Corman & Tuseadu - Way To Blue, Yo Yo Mundi, Paolo Bonfanti & Claudia Pastorino - Day Is Done, Snoporaz & Supernova - 'Cello Song, Sonica - The Thoughts Of Mary Jane, Lubua - Man In A Shed, Virginiana Miller - Fruit Tree, Buona Audrey - Saturday Sun.
The Rabbit's Hat - Flesh & Nail-A Tribute To Nick Drake, 1999
Joey, From The Morning, Thoughts Of Mary Jane, Place To Be, Strange >Meeting II, Harvest Breed, 'Cello Song, Clothes Of Sand, Parasite, Things Behind The Sun, Voice From The Mountain.
Nick's Quest - Nick's Quest, 1999
Pink Moon, Place To Be, Which Will, Free Ride, Harvest Breed, Parasite, Clothes Of Sand, Road, Day Is Done.
Various Artists - In Search Of A Master-In Search Of A Slave, 2000
Blackmail - Parasite, Scumbucket - Place To Be, Blimps Go '90 - Harvest Breed, Ulme - Black Eyed Dog, Pendikel - River Man, Miles - Mayfair, Sandycoates - From The Morning, Mumble & Peg - Which Will, Honey For Petzi - Horn, Favez - Saturday Sun, Blackmail - River Man, Bugs Know Best - Pink Moon, Blimps Go '90 - From The Morning, Porf - Place To Be, Lude - Way To Blue.
Various Artists - Sculpting From Drake, 2000
Archer Prewitt - Parasite, Au Revoir Borealis - Fruit Tree, Flashpapr - Northern Sky, Ben Vida - Horn, Northern Song Dynasty - Place To Be, Electroscope with Zurich - Things Behind The Sun, Warn Devefer - Which Will, Drekka - Know, The Autumns with Simon Raymonde - Time Of No Reply, Ray Speedway - Pink Moon.
Cover Artist Song Album Year
Millie Mayfair Time Will Tell 1970
Alexis Korner Saturday Sun Alexis 1971
Andrew John Time Has Told Me The Machine Stops 1972
Tir Na Nog Free Ride Strong In The Sun 1973
Mick Linnard & David Hughes River Man Russel Square 1978
Scott Appel Bird Flew By Nine Of Swords 1989
  Place To Be    
  Nearly/Far Leys    
  Our Season    
Casell Webb Time Has Told Me Songs Of A Stranger 1989
World Of Skin Black Eyed Dog Ten Songs For Another World 1990
Faith Over Reason Northern Sky Eyes Wide Smile 1991
Lucinda Williams Which Will Sweet Old World 1992
Drive Road Out Freakage 1992
Walt Mink Pink Moon Miss Happiness 1992
Sebadoh Pink Moon Smash Your Head On The Punk Rock 1992
Swans Black Eyed Dog Omniscience 1993
Eugene Chadbourne Thoughts Of Mary Jane Songs 2 1994
No-Man Road Heaven Taste 1996
Bay Which Will Alison Rae 1996
Run On Road No Way 1997
Star Hustler Clothes Of Sand Vapid Drivel 1997
Peter Bruntnell Black Eyed Dog Camelot In Smithereens 1997
Brad Mehldau River Man The Art Of The Trio: Vol. 3 - Songs 1998
Scott Appel Brittle Days Parhelion 1998
  Hazey Jane I    
  From The Morning    
Duncan Sheik River Man Humming Along (Promo) 1998
Christine Collister Black Eyed Dog The Dark Gift Of Time 1998
Andy Bey River Man Shades Of Bey 1998
Angelique At The Chime Of A City Clock Present 1998
Kelly Willis Time Has Told Me What I Deserve 1999
Roddie Harris Hanging On A Star Indian Time 1999
Norma Waterson River Man The Very Thought Of You 1999
Gilles Peterson River Man INCredible Sound Of Gilles Peterson 1999
Claire Martin River Man Take My Heart 1999
Roland Northern Sky Waltz 1999
No-Man Pink Moon Speak 1999
Matt Auten Which Will New Found Land 2000
Kate Dimbleby River Man Good Vibrations 2000
Martin Archer Horn Winter Pilgrim Arriving 2000
Field Of Blue Fruit Tree Still 2001
Lehto & Wright Black Eyed Dog Ye Mariners All 2001
His Name Is Alive Which Will In The East  
Buddha On The Moon Which Will Last Autumn Day
Jason Parker Quartet Three Hours No More, No Less 2009




Covers & tributes