July 16, 2018

Promotion material

Pink Moon - US 1972 promotion packet

This promotion packet was put together to promote Pink Moon in America. It contains six pages with photos and different texts about Nick and his records.

The front page is the classic image of Nick walking down towards the Hampstead Ponds on Hampstead Heath.
The second page is on creamy white, textured paper and contains a somewhat edited version of David Sandison's press release for Pink Moon.
The third page is a photo of Nick on glossy paper. The picture is taken from the photo sessions for Five Leaves Left.
A review of the American compilation album Nick Drake is on page four. The text is taken from Rolling Stone Magazine, 27 April 1972.
There is another review on the fifth page. It's taken from Time Out Magazine and it's a review of Pink Moon.
On the last page there is a simple discography. It includes American and British releases.




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