December 15, 2018


Pink Moon - Sangeren og guitaristen Nick Drake
Gorm Henrik Rasmussen (Forlaget Hovedland, 1986)

An early Danish book about Nick Drake, released in 1986. It is only available in Danish if you can find one at all. It is long out of print.
Nick Drake - The biography
Patrick Humphries (Bloomsbury, 1997)

The most complete book about Nick Drake. Rock journalist Patrick Humphries interviewed over 50 people for the book, and the result is a book which covers most of Nick's life.
Nick Drake - The sweet suggestions of the pink moon
Luca Ferrari (Stampa alternativa edizioni, 1999)

Italian book in CD-format including all the lyrics and a four track CD with Elton Johns covers of Nick's songs. The songs are (When) Day is done, Saturday sun, Way to blue and Time has told me. However Saturday sun is actually Sweet honesty, written by John & Beverly Martyn.




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