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This is a list of articles on Nick Drake that is supposed to be as complete as possible. If you know anything of articles that aren't on this page, please let us know. In time many of the articles will be available to read here.

Sounds, March 13, 1971 - Something else for Nick?, by Jerry Gilbert.
Sounds, December 14, 1974 - Nick Drake: Death of a genius, by Jerry Gilbert.
Zigzag #42, 1974 - In search of Nick Drake, by Connor McKnight.
NME, February 8, 1975 - Requiem for a solitary man, by Nick Kent.
Déjà vu, #3 1977 - Nick Drake, by Rob Kelly.
Trouser Press, January 1978 - Nick Drake, by Frank Kornelussen.
Musician magazine, November 1979 - Nick Drake, by Brian Cullman.

Dark Star Magazine, 1980 - Nick Drake, by Steve Burgess.
Fretz magazine, April 1988 - Fallen leaf, by Scott Appel.
Farfield County Advocate, November 21, 1988 - Of brilliance and darkness, by C.W. Vrtacek.

Strange things are happening, Spring 1990 - Nick Drake, by Brian Hogg.
Sound affects #7, 1990 - Nick Drake: Hudlös musik, by Sebastian Lindberg.
Record hunter, Vox, March 1991 - Heart of Darkness, by Patrick Humphries.
Record collector #150, February 1992 - Nick Drake, by Chas Keep.
Dirty linen #42, 1992 - Darkness can give you the brightest light, by T.J. McGrath.
Goldmine, September 3, 1993 - Nick Drake: Hanging on a star, by Patrick Humphries.
Record hunter, Vox, June 1994 - Desolate Island discs, by Peter K Hogan.
Independent on Sunday, May 29, 1994 - Still in a class of his own, by Ben Thompson.
Ettnollett #22, 1995 - I en död poets sällskap, by Fredrik Thunberg.
Mojo #39, February 1997 - Brief encounter, by Patrick Humphries.
Telegraph magazine, July 12, 1997 - The sad ballad of Nick Drake, by Mick Brown.
New York Times, November 2, 1997 - Little known but not forgotten, by John Milward.
Acoustic guitar, February 1999 - Voice from beyond, by Scott Appel.
Mojo, February 1999 - Truly. Madly. Deeply., by Robin Frederick.
The Independent, November 23, 1999 - Boy from the black stuff, by Patrick Humphries.

Mojo, January 2000 - Be here now, by Ian MacDonald.
Entertainment weekly, May 12, 2000 - Nick of time, by David Browne.



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