December 15, 2018

Various artists
Cover Album Song Year
Nice Enough To Eat Time Has Told Me 1969
Bumpers Hazey Jane I 1970
El Pea Northern Sky 1971
The Greater Antilles Sampler Northern Sky 1978
Island Life Time Has Told Me 1987
Back On The Road Northern Sky 1988
Voices Black Eyed Dog 1990
Folk Routes Road 1994
And I Write The Songs Bryter Layter 1996
Heartbeat Fruit Tree 1996
Dream With The Fishes
- Soundtrack
River Man 1997
Total Guitar - Vol 31 Man In A Shed 1997
Star Maps - Soundtrack Horn 1997
Practical Magic
- Soundtrack
Black Eyed Dog 1998
Hideous Kinky
- Soundtrack
Road 1999
Q Essential - Chill Out River Man 2000
As Seen On TV - Songs From Commercials Pink Moon 2001


Five Leaves Left

Bryter Layter

Pink Moon

Time Of No Reply

Fruit Tree




Various artists