December 15, 2018

Five Leaves Left
Five Leaves Left was released on 1 September 1969 in the UK, but it didn't come to the US until 1976, almost two years after Nick's death.

Over the years, from the first pressing, there have been a number of strange errors and mistakes in the production for this record. Read about the different pressings of the album here.

Five Leaves Left

1st pressing Island - UK
2nd pressing Island - UK
1970's reissue Island - UK
1980's reissue Island - UK
1976 release Antilles - US
2000 reissue Simply Vinyl - UK

1st edition Island 1987
2nd edition Island - UK
3rd edition Island 2000
Hannibal 1992/1996

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Pink Moon

Time Of No Reply

Fruit Tree




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