December 15, 2018


Tanworth-in-Arden is a small, quite Warwickshire village, not many miles south of Birmingham. In the centre of the village there is a pub called the Bell Inn. Every now and then the pub gets visitors from out of town, and on many of the occasions they have the same topic of conversation and questions. For example they want to know where the cemetary is, because this is the village where Nick Drake grew up and died.

When Nick first came her in 1952 he was four years old. He had lived those years together with his parents and his sister in Burma, where he was born. The family found themselves a home just outside of Tanworth-in-Arden, in a house called Far Leys. It was (and still is) a large brick house, built in 1912, with a huge garden at the back. Nick had his room on the second floor, with a fire place and a small, round window in the gable.

Nick lived here together with his loving family until the age of eight, when it was time to go to boarding school. From now on until the end of his education at Eagle House School, Marlborough Collage and Fitzwilliam Collage, the only times Nick would come to Far Leys was during the holidays. But later, in the early seventies, Nick's mental health began to give way, and after living off and on in London for a couple of years, he retreated to his old home in Tanworth-in-Arden for good.

Nick Drake is now burried at the St Mary Magdalene churchyard in Tanworth-in-Arden. The gravestone, which is quite mossy by now, is placed under an old oak tree. It carries the inscriptions "Nick Drake, 1948-1974, Remembered With Love" and Rodney's and Molly's names on the front and on the back there's a line from From The Morning, the last song on Pink Moon, "Now we rise and we are everywhere".

In the church, at the organ, there is an organ stop that was donated by Rodney and Molly Drake in 1978, in memory of their son.

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