December 15, 2018

Live performances

Even if you were living in England at the time when Nick Drake was active, it was difficult to get a chance to see him perform live. The number of gigs he is known to have played is no more than twenty, counting official concerts. However, before he was signed to Island Records, as a student in Marlborough and Cambridge he sometimes appeared on stage in different constellations. In the Marlborough years he never performed any of his own compositions, because he probably hadn't begun to write songs by then. But in Cambridge he played conerts together with Robert Kirby and a student orchestra. There was also a May Ball at Caius Collage on 10 June 1969 where the constellation performed.

Here is a list of the known shows he played. It's in chronological order and spans from 1968 to 1970.

Roundhouse, London - February(?) 1968. Supporting Country Joe McDonald and Fairport Convention.
Royal Festival Hall, London - 24 September 1969. Supporting Fairport Convention and John & Beverly Martyn.
Goodwill To All pub, Middlesex - 4 October 1969. At the Upper Room Folk Club.
Croydon - 10 October 1969. Supporting Fairport Convention.
Haworth pub, Hull - Sometime during autumn 1969.
Smethwick - Sometime during autumn 1969 at a venue for the Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds works social club.
Ewell Technical Collage - 24 January 1970. Supporting Genesis and Atomic Rooster.
Queen Elisabeth Hall, London - 21 February 1970. Supporting John & Beverly Martyn.
Birmingham Town Hall - 16 March 1970.
Leicester De Montfort Hall - 18 March 1970.
Manchester Free Trade Hall - 20 March 1970.
Bristol Colston Hall - 22 March 1970.
Royal Festival Hall, London - 30 March 1970. The march gigs above were included in a small tour where Nick supported Sandy Dennys band Fotheringay.
Bedford Collage - 8 May 1970. Supporting Spencer Davis Group, John Martyn and Graham Bond.
Cousins, London - Spring 1970. Supporting Third Ear Band.
Cousins, London - Spring 1970. Supporting John Martyn.
Cousins, London - Spring 1970. Supporting John James.
Yorkshire - Spring 1970. Supporting Free.
Ewell Technical Collage - 25 June 1970. Supporting Ralph McTell.


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