The idea to build igloos at Tšnnforsen came from that people were climbing and struggling to reach the natural cavities that each year are formed - always in different shapes - under what in the summer is falling water.
We started by making the cave more accessible by building steps and we also reduced the risks by removing ice that was hanging in a dangerous way. In case that there would be many visitors we thought that it would be nicer to wait indoors to enter the cave, so the first year's result was a waiting room.

Years have passed and now we're using more of the slope below Tšnnforsen where the igloos are placed. This slope allows us to create an exciting work consisting of larger rooms, corridors and stairs between levels of up to seven meters.
The largest room is an event igloo with a capacity of about a hundred sitting people in a sloping style. There is also a bar igloo and possibilities to stay overnight in a number of smaller rooms.

The construction is done with a number of tools. Artificial snow is made, with which we build plateaus where the moulds are put up in different sizes. They are covered with water and snow until it is compact enough to remove the moulds. Then the interior is created, stairs are built and openings are cut out between the different rooms. For decoration we use natural ice from nearby lakes which are sawed into blocks and transported to the igloo to be shaped by hand.
The work with igloos is in process all through its existence. When the shell is finished around christmas a period of ice work begins and continues until the end of march, when the maintenance phase begins. This is to keep the quality of the ice, but in the end of April we have to give up this ambition when the melting process takes over. In May the igloos slowly disappear, to finally flow back into the streams of Tšnnforsen. in the winter 2014 - 2015 there is no igloo built at the waterfall.